If eLearning courses are the fruits and leaves that learners need to reap and enjoy,  Learning Management System or LMS is the structure, the branches and twigs that hold and sustain them.
People’s lifestyle is being reshaped by technology in such a fast pace, so is their way to learn. We live in a world where learners become digital learners who have the ability to manage their own pace and ‘space’ of learning, different from the traditional “learning together at the same time” approach. eLearning makes asynchronous learning, online learning and mobile learning possible today. eLearning can be in the form of courses that can be taken through the Internet. However, tracking trainees’ learning progress and administration of online classes are made possible through the use of an LMS. LMS is the platform used to effectively deliver online learning instruction to end users.
A Learning Management System is a learning portal that contains various instructional resources in different media formats, a platform that promotes collaborative learning and a system that provides various automated system tools to facilitate instruction and manage classes online.

Some advantages of the LMS to an organization are as follows:

  • Consolidates training information within a single system
  • Enables accessibility and availability of courses anytime and anywhere
  • Promotes blended learning and allows saving on in-house and external trainings
  • Allows reuse of learning resources which can be made available for different courses  and training sessions
  • Offers standardized quality and delivery of learning resources
  • Keeps a record of training assessments, course attendance and feedback
  • Can be used as a secure library of training course materials

LMS Post Image

These training tools available in the LMS can be used by the trainer and the trainees:

  •  Uploader of content materials in various media formats
  • Interactive course modules (SCORM)
  • Project submission
  • Grades and course completion reports
  • Discussion forums
  • Assessment tools
  • Customizable online manuals/books
  • Course evaluation
  • Surveys
  • Customizable database
  • Attendance report
  • Trainee output and feedback
  • One-on-one scheduler

Today’s learners need a platform that works for their lifestyle and learning needs. Online courses are effectively delivered and administered through Learning Management System.