Instructional Design Image

We organize and create all training modules and materials into logical learning sequences. We integrate face-to-face and eLearning tools and technologies for administration and delivery of training.


Analyze the Learners                                                                                         

Conduct preliminary assessments to define objectives of the course and determine prior knowledge of the participants.

Design the Course

Customize the course based on the client’s objectives and learner’s profile. We have content experts whose specialization and vast experience contribute to the main con-cepts of the course. A team of instructional designers works with the content experts to ensure that the course integrates interactive, collaborative and meaningful learning.

Develop the Course

Develop instructional modules utilizing various delivery methodologies (computer-based, face-to-face, handouts, multimedia and social networks) by working with subject matter consultants to ensure aspects of policies, procedures, systems, or skills requiring instruction are correctly followed and implemented throughout the curriculum.


Conduct TTT (Train the Trainer) sessions to educate training staff on the implementation of instructional materials.


Conclude the training by measuring the learner’s assimilation of the course and practical application in their respective workplaces. Measure the effectiveness of training programs using different feedback methods – focus groups, interviews, surveys, and revise programs based on results of evaluations.